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I am an experienced software engineer, research scientist, development team lead, enterprise architect, and C.T.O. with about 40 years of industry and academic experience, a broad set of technology and people skills and a special interest in Energy Management, Secure Software Development and Optimisation. I graduated with great distinction in electronics (1988) and computer science (1992), while working fulltime as a plant operator at an oil refinery. I have led heterogeneous and international teams of technically skilled coworkers and delivered maintainable and scalable mission-critical software for many environments and platforms. I received a PhD from Université Catholique de Louvain for my research in secure software engineering. I coached and guided several PhD students as co-promotor during their PhD research at EnergyVille/Vito.

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These recommendations were made available online at Linked In. Please contact me if you require any references in specific areas.

Jacek Skowronek: "I have worked with Fred in the scope of the Poseidon project, in which Dutch universities cooperate with Thales in the area of maritime situation awareness. He has a firm grasp on what an industrial partner expects of an R&D project, and how to manage and fulfill those expectations, in a flexible manner. He can handle pressure very well, and I am sure will be a stable presence in every endeavour. Fred is one of the rare examples of advanced R&D workers who can do their job equally well in a scientific and industrial context."

December 1, 2009, Jacek Skowronek, Innovation Manager Architecture, Thales

Martine Thijs: "Fred is a technical consultant who has a wide business knowledge and interest as well. His insights in architecture and process structures are thorough. Fred is someone who has the capabilities to both guide and lead a team and be a valuable team player. I enjoyed very much working with Fred."

November 6, 2007, Martine Thijs, Business Consultant, Inno.com

Dr. Mark S. Miller: "For his thesis, Fred gave form and depth to the ideas explored by the capability community. His work was an original and major advance of our field. Fred is one of those rare computer scientists who span the range from deep formalist to solid practical engineer to prolific explainer to honest skeptical critic. Whatever he touches, he will discover its true nature, explain it, and make it work."

May 28, 2007. Mark S. Miller, Software Architect, HP Labs

Dr. Luis Quesada: "I had the opportunity of working with Fred at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL). We were both working as research assistants under the supervision of Prof. Peter Van Roy. During my years at UCL I always appreciated Fred's capacity to adapt to different research topics. I also think that Fred is a very open minded person. This quality and the fact that he always takes his duties very seriously made it very enjoyable to work with him. Taking into account the above mentioned and his high academic qualification, I have no doubt about his success in any responsibility he decides to take."

May 25, 2007. Luis Quesada, Research Assistant, Université catholique de Louvain

Prof. Peter Van Roy Thesis advisor: "Fred Spiessens did an excellent dissertation in which he defined a formal model for security analysis that is able to model both access control lists and capabilities. He implemented the model and used it to analyze the security properties of programming patterns. He has the ability to understand previous work and to make original contributions that considerably improve it."

May 27, 2007 Peter Van Roy, Professor, Université catholique de Louvain